Visitor Information

Are you planning a visit to
Monadnock Covenant Church in the future?

It is not easy visiting a new church. Whether you are new to church or new to this particular church the issues are often the same…

  • Will I fit in here?
  • Will the people be friendly?
  • Will the people be too friendly?
  • Will they ask me something about my life that I may not want to share?
  • What do they really believe and do here?
  • Am I welcome if I don’t believe the same things?

We try to ensure that MCC is welcoming without making you feel too conspicuous. If you wish to sit near the back, simply listen and leave as soon as the service ends, you are welcome to do so! Since most of our attendees wear name tags, we’ll offer you one when you enter our worship area. It’s your choice whether to use it.

Worship Style
We follow a blended worship style. What is blended worship? As the name implies, it is a combination of different styles of worship into one service, allowing many different people opportunities to connect with God in the ways that best suit their needs, while also exposing them to new styles that may help them, or their neighbor, find God in an unexpected place. We sing traditional hymns and contemporary songs. At times, we combine both traditional and contemporary styles in the same song! At all times, church leadership and the worship team work to ensure that the service flows from opening to closing, and incorporates the elements of traditional worship.

As our guest, you are not expected to participate in the financial offering, but you are welcome to participate if doing so would be a meaningful act of worship for you. If you are willing, please fill out the connection clipboard with your name and address when it comes by. Our pastors like to send notes to our guests after a visit, and it is helpful if you provide that information. We won’t give your name or address to anyone outside the church, and we won’t use it to bombard you with information- unless you ask for it.

No Dress Code
It is truly more important that you are here than what you are wearing—God seeks your heart, not your appearance. We’ve got a broad spectrum of how folks dress, from T-shirts and jeans to business casual to dresses and suits with ties.

If you have children they are welcome in our dynamic children’s program that meets during the worship service. Please register and sign in your child(ren) when you first arrive. You will receive wristbands for you and your child(ren). Children begin by worshiping with their adults in the service, and then are invited to the children’s program. If your child is a bit shy about being in a new place, they are also welcome to stay with you in adult worship.

If you can stay for a cup of tea or coffee and a snack after worship, that is the best opportunity for us to get acquainted. Everyone at MCC remembers what it was like visiting the church those first couple of Sundays and most are good about making others feel welcome. It has been said that people come to church for all sorts of reasons but stay for one primary reason—the friendships they make. We hope you will make many friends at MCC.

Oh, and about the possibility of “uncomfortable questions” being asked: We may ask where you’re from, or how you heard about our church, or what your hobbies are, but we won’t ask you personal questions about your life. As with any first acquaintance, it takes time to build a friendship. We’ll be honored by your visit and hope to let friendship build from there—at your pace, not ours.

If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our pastors by phone (603) 352-6816 or by email at

Some logistical information:

  • We are located on the corner of Rt. 9 and Base Hill Road. If your coming from the west, we are located just before Monadnock Marketplace (Home Depot & Target). if your coming from the east, we are located just past Monadnock Marketplace.
  • Worship Services are held at 10:00am each Sunday morning.
  • Nursery care is available for infants and toddlers during the worship hour and Children’s Church is offered for preschool through 5th grade children.

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